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Come by and hang out! You don't have to have a party to visit the farm!

Our current off-season hours are:



Monday thru Wednesday:

(Reserved for our Private Keeper Tours

and scheduled events/field trips)

Thursday, Friday & Saturday:


Please call or check social media for spring break/holiday hours.

General Admission is $10 per person 

Children 2 & under are free with paid adult

Wagon Train Ride $3 per person

Animal feed may be purchased fo.r farm animals

$5 souvenir bucket filled with feed

$20 bucket of feed with 4 souvenir cups

$40 bag of feed with 10 souvenir cups

Just a few housekeeping rules so that all of our guests can be on the same page. There’s posted signage around the farm, but we would like to reiterate the importance of following the guidance of them and also making sure your children follow them, as well. We want families to be able to come and enjoy the farm as we and our children do, but respect of the animals and respect of our rules, are very important and a must, for us to continue to allow guests to come and visit our farm. They’ve been put into place, to keep guests and our animals safe.

We welcome you to Triple R Farms. This is our home, our farm and we welcome you to have fun, but please take note of the following rules and adhere to them.

No outside animals

•No smoking/vaping

•No alcohol consumption

•No profane language

•Absolutely no tolerance of antagonizing any animal, abuse of or attempting to cause harm. You will be asked to leave immediately.

•Follow guidance of all posted signage

•Do not go beyond, allow your children to go beyond or put your children above barriers, under any circumstance. These are in place to keep both guests and the animals safe.

•No unattended children. Please keep your children close to you and assure that they follow the rules posted and put in place, to ensure their safety and the safety of the animals.

•No inflatables or bounce houses allowed on site for any event or reason.

Remember these are animals. They have a mind of their own, have bodily strength, teeth, hooves, and the ability to cause harm to one another and people unintentionally. They poop, pee and procreate in the wide open. Respect them for what they are and the ability they have to cause harm. Always be mindful and aware of your surroundings and be prepared to respond.

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